Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And now for something completely different...

Art test I finished at the beginning of the month. 'did it quick, too! :o

Going back to Eos

As the title says, goin' back to more Eos concepting! This time just to figure out what she'll look like with her suit colors. I haven't landed on a solid design yet.

But the wings are all figured out! The little batwings on the far, lower left are the final design! =D

And just for fun and to let off a little steam, I explored a different, more stylized art style than I'm used to. Eos and Galatea, just chillin'~

Noodled some doodles

Took a break to concept face and hair for a friend's character in the same setting. Her element is stone.

Then also took 5 hours to study the character design of a character that belongs to a beautiful creative artist Leviathen.
Footage of the 5 hour painting event can be seen on my LiveStream! The stream is a little noisy, but all current and future streams are puuuuure awesome! =D

Development ahoy!

Finally decided on this as the final skin, hair, eyes, and make-up for Eos.

'was trying to figure out if I wanted two swirlies or one. Eos is inspired by the element of: Fire. 'trying not to bee too stereotypical about this one. :o

Last concepts for hair. There's even a Galatea in there! =D

Monday, July 25, 2011

I making art! Yay!

'Decided to kick off this fancy new Blog with my latest sketches! Certainly I have stuff on my DeviantArt, but it just seems easier to update things here and get to my DA later. :3

Working on a new personal character: Eos. Android. Created for a hyper CyberPunk future world. Yeah! This image marks the beginning of development.

Lately I've been playing around in PaintTool Sai. <3 the pencil and brush tool! Sai is so user friendly, and I'm a friendly user! Hoho!